Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick Hitters:: Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol.5 Dil Cosby Suite

Beat Konducta Vol.5 Dil Cosby Suite is the latest installment in Madlib's series of "beat-tape" style albums. It features beat junkie J-Rocc on the decks, and it's their tribute to the immortal Dilla. I'm pretty sure that's all the info you need to go and check this one out.

But I will go on, because that's just how we do it here at the hill, we go on and on, even when it's not necessary. Anyway, my main point is that there's pretty much no one that does this kind of album better than Madlib. It goes without saying that all the beats are solid, with layers of sampley goodness and old soul samples which he melds into some of the most melodic boom-bap you're ever going to hear. He also keeps everything pretty brief, switching things up every minute and a half or so, which ensures the listener's attention isn't going to wander.

The first five songs or so are all directly about J Dilla, and have corresponding vocal samples. In the latter half of the album, Madlib splices in some radio and TV samples to help break things up. The usage of the infamous James Brown-Sonya interview is a nice touch. I could go into detail on each an every song likely, but it's enough to say that there's more production quality on just a couple songs here than you find on most albums. From the floaty vocals and light guitar licks of songs like The Mystery and J's Day Theme, to the fuzzy guitars used on Dirty Hop and The Get Over, on down to the pure blissful, hip hop thump of songs like In Jah Hands, Sacrifice, Rebirth Cycle and Anthenagin' it's pretty much just goodness from top to bottom.

I had Beat Konducta Vol.1-2 in heavy rotation for quite some time, and although I didn't manage to get my hands on Vol.3-4, you can rest assured that I'll be giving Vol.5 plenty of listens. I suggest you do the same.

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