Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quick hitters:: Poorfolk

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Wow. What happened to Poorfolk? Gone are the bedroom melodies that Jonathan Pearce crafted and in their place are the songs of a confident, supremely tight, Canadian bar band. Before you dismiss the notion as something beneath you, take one listen to the opening track - Biometric Test - before passing judgment. Shimmering guitar tones, crashing drums and a shout sing chorus explode from the speakers with an 80's DC edge and remarkably Pearce, Godin, Clark, and Freeman manage to keep the amps and energy up for the rest of Our Burning Street.

On the lead single - Demons - they channel the intimate start and big build that Joel Plaskett has mastered, but the quartet that now calls Ottawa home is more comfortable revisiting the unashamed guitar work of the 90's; avoiding the temptation to make the songs more complex than they need to be. There are no superfluous layers or 30 second wasted solos, as they seem happy to let Pearce's politically charged words grab the spotlight. Instead of talking loud and saying nothing, Pearce is able to get his message across without pontificating and the dynamite axe work just helps move the message along.

Poorfolk proves that sometimes a great hook, some backing vocals and drums fills are all that you need to make a record enjoyable. Tracks like Crashing Down the Stairs or the group sing-along Stupid as a Tank are certainly highlights, but the consistency of Our Burning Street is the real show stopper.

Unless you are above throwing on a record and being able to listen without waiting for hundreds of instruments or intricate electro currents to clutter up the mix, I'm not sure how you can find fault with Poorfolk - a name that might be funny when they start getting the radio play this record demands.

Stream all of Our Burning Street on White Whale

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