Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick hitters:: Winter Gloves About a Girl

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Seems like it’s a Paperbag Records week here on the hill. Forever ago it seems – all the way back in April I talked about Montreal’s Winter Gloves. At the time, they were using some warmer electro currents and indie rock hooks to create some pretty interesting songs.

Flash forward to now, the release of their first record – About a Girl – and the equation still holds true. Well sort of. The Wurlitzer still thickens up the bottom end and the jams are still catchy as hell, but even the songs I’ve heard before like Let Me Drive, I Can't Tell You, Piano 4 Hands seems fuller and more complete. It's obvous that the extra time working out the details served them well.

The sexy intro to Factories jumpstarts the LP and the track will become a dance floor anthem, but they add lots of wrinkles and nuances along the way. The thing that grabs me is how at times I’m left wondering who they sound like, only to come up blank. That familiarity they bring to something that is essentially new is probably why this band has been on the fast track lately – although headphone symphonies like Piano 4 Hands don’t hurt there cause either (especially when the Beach Boys-esque oohs come in).

So, there you go. Another fine release from the good people at Paperbag AND for you youngsters who are back at school and looking to shake your money maker, look no farther than the Paperbag Records evening slated here in Halifax on Oct 11th @ the Marquee. Local act Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees will get the party started, and Winter Gloves and You Say Party! We Say Die! will make sure you leave covered in sweat.

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At 6:12 PM, Blogger The R.O.B. did sayeth:

Looking forward to hearing the record in its entirety, as well as seeing them later this fall...

Do they remind you at all of maybe a cross between Woodhands and Miracle Fortress?


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