Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reviews:: Beat Radio Sunday Matinee EP

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I’m not sure if we’ve talked about anyone on this blog as much as we have Beat Radio. They launched our Word on the Beat series with Brian’s stellar cover and article on why Van Morrison influences him so much. We’ve reviewed EPs, LPs, singles and pretty well anyone associated with the band.

At the end of the day, Sendrowitz and those he surrounds himself with are terrific people and stellar musicians who write music for the love or writing music. Not sure, but I think that is the type of person us bloggers are supposed to hunt down, not the dudes with PR and label support.

Anyway – - Beat Radio is giving us all another free EP. Three songs and another identity for Brian, Phil, Brian and Paul. They've run through indie rock anthems, folk and now they seem to have struck middle ground but somehow fused big classic rock guitars and huge solos into the equation.

The interesting thing is that even though Brian still wears his heart on his sleeve, unleashing insecurities and envy usually reserved for the darkest conversations in the most tucked away corners, he uses the huge riffs and surging energy to cement his emotions. After wrestling with alienation, Sunday Matinee builds and builds as Brian finds strength in his convictions, holding onto the hope that love does in fact conquer all.


Beat Radio – Stranger Flowers
Beat Radio – Sunday Matinee

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