Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reviews:: Kellarissa Flamingo


It's only fitting after talking about No Kids all week that I spend some quality time with Kellarissa. Former p:ano and current The Choir Practice member Larissa Loyva made the decision to go solo and Mint was smart enough to pick her up. Her debut record, Flamingo, is fixin' to be released on Sept 9th and you'd have to be a cold soul to not feel a little rush of warmth when you hear the quirky synth driven tracks.

Obviously, a record full of synth jams, especially one from someone as creative as Larissa, is going to have hits and misses but she manages to balance her artistic side with surprising accessibility and the end result is a pretty balanced record. I'll Sing of Kings is the perfect opener, as Larissa opens up over a simple piano line and with an effortless falsetto she's able to comfort the listener. Her swirling vocals works perfectly with the staccato notes that start Night Wind and slowly and surely she adds layers of reverb and endless loops.

Loyva's biggest strength is how well she crafts emotions. Flamingo and Tiny Things shimmer like the sun, warming the affair, but she's able to switch gears completely as the notes of the title track fade into Pienet Sanat. The sounds flicker like a flame in a dark room and her hushed tones make the song feel like that most intimate of conversations - a secret meant just for you. She's able to craft a tense, haunting ballad like the introspective When Did I Become but never lets the darkness overpower the record.

By the time she ends with the bongo backbeat of the traditional Finnish song Taivas On Sininen Ja Valkoinen, Loyva has exhausted every possible emotion you can think of. Her record might not be for everyone, but it's full of personal moments that transfer easily to the listener and I've found myself letting it loop over and over all day.

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