Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reviews:: Tusks EP


Way back in March, I fell in love with the Tusks debut EP. The six songs were infectious, mature and it was amazing how easily the band amalgamated the shocking number of different styles the band members had to offer. A quick glance at their experience – they have played in Kepler, Wooden Stars, I am Robot and Proud, Sea Snakes, Snailhouse, Clark/Metal Kites, Hilotrons, and the Ben Gunning Band – shows that the certainly have the chops, but those aren’t necessarily bands you would throw into the blender when coming up with a new sound.

But one listen to Mother vs. Sons or Baby Noise is enough to grab your attention. When I reviewed these songs I mentioned that Mother vs. Sons sounds like a more mature Voxtrot number, and Baby Noise was an interesting smooth pop and math rock hybrid. I still stand by those descriptions, but the statement I cared most about was my plea for some label to take a chance on these guys. Sadly, months went by and I didn't hear anything happening and wondered how long Tusks would be left dangling.

Thankfully Ryder Havdale and White Whale heard the promise. Tusks have had this EP on the shelf since March (although they didn’t want people talking about it until it was released), so it’s a treat to finally see the band get the chance to send their tracks to the masses. Mixing jazzy pop, math rock, spacey melodies and terrific vocals, the self-titled debut is more than an indication of promise. Tusks already has the talent to be a band that crunches through terrific live sets (just listen to the guitar work on The Grieving Game and try to imagine how great that would sound pounding out of the amps) and still sounds great in your headphones.

Selfishly, I’ve been holding onto this EP as one to drop on my year-end list that had been undiscovered by the ever increasing number of blogs, but now it seems they are about to blow up. And really, both the band and the label deserve the acclaim so I hope people shell out the duckets to support Canadian music. This is a must-have.

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