Thursday, October 9, 2008

HPX '08 - herohill recommends

HPX '08 has drawn a copious amount of talent. I mean, if you had told me acts like The Inbreds, Retribution Gospel Choir, Josh Ritter and the GZA would be in town and I'd still be undecided as to whether or not I'd be going to see them, well I would have been shocked.

In all honesty, with all the bands and all the venues, it's hard to go wrong, but to help you undecideds Shane and I are going to get all mavericky, ruffle some feathers, pay attention to Main Street, not Wall Street and give you all a push in the right direction - especially the herohill heart music showcases.

So, whomp, here it is. The "where's herohill" guide to HPX '08.

Tuesday October 21st:
herohill recommends
|| 9:00 The Kestrels (Marquee) - buy 7" from Zunior
|| 11:00 The Sunparlour Players (Seahorse) - buy from Zunior
|| 12:15 Ruth Minnikin (Seahorse) - buy from Zunior

if not?
|| 9:00 Josh Ritter (St. Matthew's Church) MP3:: To the Dogs or Whoever
|| 12:00 Jay Reatard (Marquee)

Wednesday October 22nd:
herohill recommends
|| 9:00 The Love Machine (Marquee)
|| 9:45 The Golden Hands Before God (Marquee)
|| 10:30 Rebekah Higgs (Marquee)
|| 11:15 Amos the Transparent (Marquee)
|| 12:00 The Inbreds (Marquee) MP3:: Matterhorn (live)

if not?
|| 8:00 Matthew Barber (The Carleton)
|| 9:10 Nick Zubeck (Hell's Kitchen)
|| 10:20 Parlovr (Hell's Kitchen)
|| 11:40 D'Ubervilles (Hell's Kitchen)
|| 12:00 Monotonix (Gus Pub)

Thursday October 23nd:
herohill recommends
|| 10:00 Boxer the Horse (Coconut Grove)
|| 10:45 Rich Aucoin (Coconut Grove)
|| 11:30 Rural Alberta Advantage (Coconut Grove) MP3:: Frank, AB
|| 12:15 Ghost Bees (Coconut Grove) MP3:: Vampires of the West Coast
|| 1:00 Laura Barrett (Coconut Grove) MP3:: Robot Ponies (live)

if not?
|| 8:00 Catherine MacLellan (The Carleton)
|| 9:10 Meligrove Band (St. Matthew's Church)
|| 10:20 Two Hours Traffic (St. Matthew's Church) MP3:: Heatseeker (live)
|| 12:30 Holy Fuck (Marquee)

Friday October 24th:
herohill recommends
|| 7:30 Construction & Deconstruction (Molson Music Room)
|| 8:00 Prospector's Union (St. Matthew's Church)
|| 8:45 Dog Day (St. Matthew's Church)
|| 9:15 Retribution Gospel Choir (St. Matthew's Church)
||11:30 Ghettosocks (Marquee)
|| 12:30 The GZA (Marquee)
|| 1:00 Sports (The Seahorse) - new band featuring members of Meligrove Band. If they were going toe-to-toe with the GZA, this would be a no doubter.

if not?
|| 9:30 Al Tuck (Molson Music Room)
|| 11:30 Andy Swan (Coconut Grove) MP3:: Can I Pay You With Sunshine?
|| 1:00 Hilotrons (Coconut Grove) MP3:: Dominika

Saturday October 25th:
herohill recommends
|| 8:15 Brian Borcherdt (Molson Music Room)
|| 9:30 Basia Bulat (Molson Music Room)
|| 10:00 Ruby Coast (Marquee)
|| 10:45 Bicycles / Prairie Cat (Coconut Grove)
||1:00 Woodhands (Coconut Grove)

if not?
|| Just stay at the CBC Radio 3 showcase - Islands, Sebastien Granger, Ruby Coast, The Got To Get Got

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