Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HPX preview:: Monotonix

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When it comes down to it, Halifax Pop Explosion is usually a showcase for top-shelf Canadian indie music. The organizers do a cracking job of lining up the best of the best, whether it’s a reunion show or the hottest new bands in the Canadian scene, but this year I have to tip my snap hat to the acts from south of the border as well.

It’s hard to ignore names like Josh Ritter, the GZA or Retribution Gospel Choir, but one you might not be up to speed on is Drag City’s Monotonix. With a name that sounds like a hero that would run with Asterik and Obelix, these Tel Aviv exports have been absolutely crushing it for the last year or so. Their debut EP (Body Language) is filled with everything you love about bands like Led Zep and Thin Lizzy and a live show that will dominate the bill no matter when they play.

They set up on the floor and proceed to burn the f&cking place down. They become a shirtless, sweaty mass that moves amongst the crowd and makes you remember what rock & roll is all about (just take a quick look at these pics courtesy of MOKB). Basically, if my brother-in-law can convince these guys to play at his bocce tournament, he might have trouble finding a reason to keep living.

Montonix will invade your personal space in you show up at Gus’ Pub on Wednesday October 22.

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