Thursday, October 9, 2008

News:: Canadian Musicians Don't Enjoy Stephen Harper

First things first, who exactly is Stephen Harper? That's what 99% of our American readers are now thinking. Well, Mr. Harper is our uptight, funless Prime Minister here in Canada (Prime Minister is like our psuedo-British President. Yeah, we like our governance on the pseudo-British tip friend, that is how we roll). Harper's job is up for grabs next week, as even though the rest of the world likely doesn't know, we're having our own election up here.

That said, of course you know our music celebs have to get in on that election action, and although our left-of-centre choices aren't as appealing as the rockstar force that is Obama, a group of artists have banded together to record a posse cut to encourage Canadians to vote - for anyone other than Harper. The song was commissioned by activist website, with the main beef being the complete apathy Harper and his cronies have shown towards climate change, but it's hardly surprising considering the cuts to arts funding his government announced a little while ago.

Anyhoo, the song features folks like my friend K-OS, Ed from Barenaked Ladies, Sarah Harmer, Hawksley Workman, Jason Collet, and others. It's what you might expect, an amusing listen (Ed from BNL breaks out his "raps" again, awkward white people everywhere go "huzzah!". Plus, Bagpipes!), but not something you're going to listen to ever again. But, if it encourages anyone to get out and vote, it's certainly done a fine service. Considering Captain Sweater once claimed the region of the country I live in had a "culture of defeat", I require little to no celeb encouragement to vote for someone other than him, but I applaud their efforts.

So, for our Canadian readers, the hill encourages you to get out and vote next week, and knowing what a smart bunch you are, I'm sure you'll all find someone on the ballot much more suited to lead this country than Stephen Harper. Thank you, hill public service announcement complete.


Avaaz All-Stars - You Have a Choice

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