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Reviews:: Tegan and Sara I'll Take The Blame EP

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Something old is now something new I guess. Back in ’07, people were swooning over The Con and Tegan and Sara were getting covered by some of the biggest bands in music. Both girls were snatched up by electro artists and pop punkers for cameos and Tegan and Sara got so popular that they were asked to put out an ITunes only EP. Luckily for everyone that doesn’t shop at ITunes, they decided to put out I'll Take The Blame in physical form for lucky concert going fans.

Basically, it’s the big jam from their last record, a Tiesto remix and two out takes. I know that might not sound like much, but two new songs from the Canadian twins are always welcome. Its become obvious the Quin sisters are moving away from angry strums and finding a comfort zone in more electro-fused sounds and this EP is another good example of their new found song writing preferences.

One Second could have been one of the more adventurous tracks that showed up on The Con. The synths dominate the mix, and while that often comes off as cutes-y, One Second actually makes the Quins sound frantic and a bit vulnerable. It would have been a nice pace changer on the record, but I can also see why it ended up as a B-side. I’ll Take the Blame is another synth heavy number, one that drifts into the carnival realm at points, but one that lets the girls showcase some tender harmonies.

As for the Tiesto remix… well, it’s the same as any Tiesto remix. Stripped down and minimal, full of hand claps with a dominating, droning beat. A skeptic (me) might say, "pass me the glow sticks and let’s rave on Ron", but don’t discredit this EP. Tegan and Sara are constantly pushing the boundaries of their sound and these out takes offer a little glimpse of what direction they are moving.

Video – One Second (live)

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