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Talking Points:: Everlast - Love, War and The Ghost Of Whitey Ford

Because of his history (more this than this), Everlast is one of those dudes the Ack and I have maintained a bit of a soft spot for despite the fact neither of us are really into the geetar & singing steelo he adopted at the turn of the milenium. Because of that, when we were sent a copy of his new album, Love, War and The Ghost Of Whitey Ford, I decided not to file it at the bottom of the cylindrical canister beside my desk that many of the label releases we get end up, but rather give it the infamous Talking Points treatment. Enjoy!

- Kill The Emperor is pretty much the only track that features Everlast doing any kind of rappin on this album. It`s not bad actually, but it is a bit of the lureage to have it as the first track, as anyone into this jam will be waiting through 16 songs to hear something like it again before going "Heeeeey, wait a minute..."

- I posted Folsom Prison Blues a little while ago, and I'm still not exactly sure what else to say about it. I don't hate it I guess, but it's wacky, and any diehard Cash fan would likely soil their black underpants in anger after hearing it.

- Stone In My Hand is more angry, anti-war talk (Kill The Emperor was in the same vain), but it's notable more for its use of drums I always associate with: Ev's homie Divine Styler.

- Die In Yer Arms features Everlast getting his electro rock on - not sure this is really in his wheelhouse. I appreciate the attempt to swtich things up, as the majority of the album features Ev in gravely voiced, whiskey-induced doldrums mode, but this, this is not for I.

- Everyone sees the doldrums I referred to return, not sure he has one of these jams that is up to the catchiness of What It's Like or not, but these blues-esque jams are where his soda bread is buttered.

- Naked is an uptempo emperor's new clothes-themed jam that makes one think that the title of this album is one of the most literal I've heard in a while, as every song is about love or war. Although I'm not sure where Whitey Ford's death comes in, maybe if I don't listen to the last song it won't happen!

- Letters Home from the Garden of Stone is a rather serious "from a soldier's perspective" rocker with some chunky drums and helicopter sound effects. This has been a rather popular construct over the last few years, I'd be curious to hear if any song could ever capture what it's like to actually be in Iraq. Methinks likely not.

- If you were looking to hear Ev get his disfunctional sexiness on, then Dirty is your jam.

- Might just be me, but would it have killed big Ev to chuck a few token raps in on jams like Ocean that have the hip hop-ish beats? I mean it has scratching on it, how about just 8 bars even! I know he's entitled to get as far away from his rapper guy m.o. as he wants, but honestly, this bad boy is 17 tracks long, a few verses might've broken up the gritty despair.

- Saving Grace is the theme song for the TNT tv show of the same name that stars Holly Hunter - which leads me to these two thoughts: A. this must be one depressing show B. Wikipedia tells me Hunter plays "a smoking, binge drinking, and promiscuous Oklahoma City detective" which sounds sassy, but I have to think it would've been a better show if she played a deaf piano-enthusiast who also solved crimes. It won her an Oscar didn't it!

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