Monday, November 3, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Divine Styler & Syndicate Fun

If you read my post on Everlast's new album last week, and believe me, I'm not expecting that many did, then you might've been able to guess at least one song that I'd be featuring on this week's OSM. That song would be Ain't Saying Nothin' by Divine Styler. I mentioned that Ev used some drums similar to those on the Divine Styler classic, and as soon as I wrote it, I needed to hear Ain't Saying Nothin' again. And if I need to hear it again, then you, my friends, you are also going to hear it.

Anyway, despite the fact that his output was pretty minimal (three albums total, 89's Word Power being the release that garnered him a cult-like following), he's remembered pretty fondly by anyone who was into hip hop in the early 90's. And by anyone, I mean mainly white kids who were drawn to his wacky blend of tripped out hippie-afrocentrism like a fly is drawn to the aroma of a twirling longhair at a Widespread Panic show. You laugh, but it's true, young Ryan Somers, who is now known as Fritz Tha Cat, was compelled to create a magazine called In Search Of Divine Styler in '96 to try and fine out what happened to Divine. The appeal of Ain't Saying Nothing certainly helped Divine cement his place as a golden age remembrance for so many people, with its addictive drums and Muggs-like high pitched squeal. After hearing it again, I have no better idea what Divine is talking about, but I still love it.

I never had a copy of Word Power, but after consulting the Ack, he suggested that the album on a whole was a bit disappointing back in the day, but that he loved the James Brown-powered Free Styler, so you get that also. I'd been looking for an excuse to post the awesomeness that is the video for Ice-T's What Ya Wanna Do? for a while, and seeing as how, with this post, I've given everyone in the Rhyme Syndicate who released an album some coverage, I think this is the time. Seriously, despite the fact that Divine Styler is the only MC who doesn't appear in this video, if you've never seen it, you must do so below on the double. So, so great. I could watch and talk about it for a couple hours I think. From Ice's Rick James-like seriousness on the boards, to verses from the Syndicate lesser-knowns like Randy Mack, MC Taste, Nat The Cat, Bronx Style Bob, and Hen-Gee, to Everlast rappin' a verse from The Knack with a 40 and a mullet, this video is like a gift that keeps on giving.

I wanted to feature the Syndicate's other tie-dye enthusiast, Bronx Style Bob, in this post as well, but I couldn't find his album anywhere. I did manage to find one song from his '92 debut Grandma's Closet, which, to my surprise, is a sweet R&B; jam with Bob getting his croon on. It is of poor quality and has skips in it, but it made me laugh, so I'm posting it. Enjoy!


Divine Styler - Ain't Sayin' Nothin'

The Rhyme Syndicate - What Ya Wanna Do

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