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Reviews:: The Maynards Date and Destroy + CONTEST

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*** Update ***
We have two passes + two discs to giveaway courtesy of Pigeon Row PR. Just drop us an email or leave a comment with your email address and you can dance your pants off with the Maynards free of charge.

Cultural institutions in Halifax are few and far between. Despite the slow moving pace of the city, very few things actually remain in the favor of the masses. The Chickenburger? They changed the recipe and the quality is slipping. Pizza corner? Well, chances are you might get punched in the face before you even get to bite into your donair. Even the Farmer’s Market is moving to a new building away from the downtown.

Things are not much better musically. Venues seem to close daily and any band that attracts positive press outside of the city normally gets dismissed by the local scene. On the flip side, bands from out of town are finding more and more reasons to not make the 12-hour trek from Montreal.

But at the end of the day, thankfully, we all still have the Maynards.

It’s been three years since their last record and like the band, we’ve all got older and probably had our hearts ripped apart, but the Halifax trio is determined to make us dance around even when we don’t want to get off the couch. The songs are a perfect combination of staccato guitar notes, truncated chords, cymbal crashes and bass fill that keep you smiling even with the heartbreaking subject matter.

If I had to describe the band in one word, it would be lust. The songs are quick, hot and sweat inducing (almost every song comes in under two-minutes) and even though you know it's going to end with you holding what's left of your heart, you just don't care. The white-hot passion is worth the inevitable pain. Whether it’s the sing shout vocals of Art Attack, the Heath Matheson driven, cold war, spy theme In the City or the terrific, Mutant Pop style punk/garage rock (think Egghead if they had two female singers), it’s almost impossible to sit still when the band starts pummeling your senses.

Date and Destroy was years in the making and even though Heath, Kristina and Chantal still love science-fiction, seem to prefer the sour to the sweet and believe the never ending cycle of “dating, mating, separating” is still the preferred path, the record shows a change in the song writing and vocal responsibilities. Their voices bob and weave around each other instead of letting one person take the lead. While it might seem like a small detail, it gives these lo-fi recordings some depth and really keeps the record exciting. Honestly, I’m not sure you will find a more fun release coming out of Halifax this year.

But as they say, the proof is in the pudding. On Dec 5th, The Maynards are sharing the stage at Gus' Pub with The Stolen Minks, Soaking up Jagged and Albertasaurus to celebrate the release of Date and Destroy. Rumour has it that Heath is going all Bob Barker and giving away a car to the best dancer. Who doesn't want a free '83 Civic?

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At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Sarah did sayeth:

The Maynards are a cultural institution in Halifax! Woo! I've been hearing these songs for the past year or two and can't wait to get my hands on the disc. Consider this an entry for disc+pass. poppiesinlove {{at}} yahoo {{dot}} ca


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Stephan MacLeod did sayeth:

sweet contest.


At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Teenage Muhammad and the Turks did sayeth:

hearty dance party



At 11:07 PM, Anonymous keegan did sayeth:

contest still open?
if so,


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