Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BOX:: Roots Manuva, Wale & A-Alikes

Afternoon folks, how goes your Wednesday? Well good or bad, I know you need to set you up for the rest of week: a hump-day edition of BOX! Oh I know, it's like I read your mind. I've had some songs piling up in the hill's cyber-storage of the rap jams we're sent, so it was time to get a post up. While not possessing any huge names (Wale and Roots Manuva are certainly well-known in certain cliques), this latest edition of BOX! does possess some solid jams, so let's get to them.

I know pretty much nothing about Iller Then Theirs other than the fact that I kind of enjoy their name for some reason, and that they are a two-man underground NY-rap strikeforce comprised of Kray & Tone Tank. It seems they released a self-titled debut last year, and they recently took the last song from that album, Wash, Rinse, Repeat, and reworked it into four new songs, which they then called the Wash, Rinse, EP. They are giving that EP away for free. So you now know what I know. Oh, and this thumps hard, which I enjoy. If you like the Aesop Rock songs where you can understand what he's saying, then you should like this too.

I will not lie, I checked out the Mulatto Patriot songs because his name was really rather intriguing to me. It turns out that MP is a producer from Chicago that recently released an album featuring a number of MC's over his production (Ras Kass, Casual, TO's own Eternia). Despite his somewhat unusual moniker, he appears to makes beat that follow the best of hip hop traditions. The track has a bouncy, old-school soul feel to it, and Chicago MC Prosper Jones gives it a right mangling. Very nice all around effort.

The A-Alikes are another two-man outfit from NY that I know nothing about, but the opening line of this song caught my ear. Now after hearing the song, I understand that their message is simply one-man can't save everyone, you have to dofor self first, but right now opening a song with "Barack Obama ain't no savior" is the kind of thing that will get the ribbon police up in arms. Really solid jam from these Dead Prez affiliates though, the beat is solid and it's a bit of a think piece, which is, as you might know, kind of rare right now.

I posted on Wale's Seinfeld-themed mixtape a while ago (timely if you caught the link up there), but in case you didn't catch that post, let's just say this DC wordsmith is one of the best of the "new breed" MC's currently catching buzz right now. This right here is a remix done by Old Money, or at least done by their Vancity-based producer Konrad as I think I only hear Wale rappin', but I don't really know. Anyway, this is a booty-mover definitely on that new-school, electro rap tip that all the kids are into these days, and I can't deny it's appeal. That's likely due mainly to Wale's ability, but it does pack a big beat in it's fashionable jeans, so you have to enjoy that.

In case that last one didn't make you move your feet, here's a boogie-fest from veteran UK rhyme-sayer Roots Manuva and nerd-dance champs Hot Chip. I think I actually like the original from the video version better, but BOX! isn't only about me, it's for you too, so enjoy.


Roots Manuva - Let The Spirit

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