Monday, December 15, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Pete Nice & Chubb Rock

Unlike my usually solid explanations of the various reasons behind the songs feautured on OSM, this one is kind of random. At some point near the end of the week, the Ack typed something along the lines of "chop, chop, chop" in relation to something that was likely important at the time, but I can't remember now. The point is it brought to mind the chorus of some long-lost song which went something like "you know, a judo, a chop, chop, chop". Some pondering, and assistance from Senor Google, revealed that song to be The Lumberjack from Pete Nice's lone solo (assistance from Daddy Rich of course) outing, Dust To Dust. Well after hearing that song again, I realized that the sample is actually Chubb Rock. And if you know my history, you know my "always post the Chubbster" policy, so here's a OSM that writes itself.

Anyone my age with a hip hop past is all too familiar with Pete Nice, baseball loving, stogie chomping, cane rocking half of 3rd Bass. Along with his gruff, too cool for school rap steez, Peter Nash is quite the sports enthusiast, from his early days starring as an NYC high school hoops player, to owning a baseball memorabilia store in Cooperstown, New York and writing a book about some long-dead players in his native Brooklyn. Quite a renaissance man, but we're talking about Pete the MC here, and although I don't mind admitting I enjoyed Serch more (cringe), I was big on Pete Nice also. I still have my cassette copy of Dust to Dust to prove it.

While not an all-out classic, Dust to Dust got some definite run from me back in the day, and is the kind of hip hop I pine for these days. Simply beats & rhymes, scratches and one liners about fakers biting your style. Songs called Kick The Bobo. It was taken seriously, but not serious at all really, and I enjoyed it. The production on Dust to Dust has a jazzy, ahem, dusty kind of Beatnut-esque sound (they produced some of the jams on here, which helps explain it somewhat) that was popular in NY around that time, and it benefits from having DJ Daddy Rich on hand to slice & dice the hooks. Rat Bastard, Kick The Bobo, The Lumberjack, 3 Blind Mice, Blowin' Smoke, and Rich Bring 'Em Back with it's Cage cameo all still sound good to me now. So enjoy the single Kick The Bobo and its dancin' fat guy video, and the homage to Daddy Rich's cutting skills, The Lumberjack.

As I said, the sample that inspired this OSM comes from a Chubb Rock song, and that song happens to be Enter The Dragon from I Gotta Get Mine Yo - Chubb's 4th album from '92. That album is one that of those unheralded albums from my youth that I have a soft spot for, but most people haven't heard. Well unless you loved the Chubbster, as I do, then the thought of the nasal style on Don't Drink the Milk or Chubb yelling YABA-DABA-DOO makes you smile. This whole Chubb & Trackmasters-produced album makes me smile actually - seriously, I've written this 'nuff times in the past, but Chubb Rock is the best. So no more talking! You need to get Youtube-ing and find out why Chubb rules for yourself.


Pete Nice & Daddy Rich - Kick The Bobo

Chubb Rock - Yabadabadoo

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