Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick hitters:: Basket of Figs


It’s no secret that any music blog worth its salt (which probably isn’t much) gets inundated with generic emails and myspace requests. Normally, I do the ole scan and check for two things. First – is the bands from Canada? Second – do I recognize any of their "friends." Luckily for me, Basket of Figs satisfied both of my stringent qualifications.

The Toronto based folk artist’s page displays Yerbird records AND Timber Timbre front and center. Why is this good you might ask? Essentially, I sit and impatiently wait for Timber Timbre’s new record thinking it will be one of my favorites of the upcoming year - (note to anyone: please feel free to send it over for review), and have come to trust Morgan Page’s (yerbird founder) musical judgment as much as my own.

Long story short… after listening to Basket of Figs, it’s easy to see why Morgan and Taylor accepted the friend request.

Like Timber Timbre, she takes risks with her songs, and like much of the Yerbird lineup, her folk songs are steeped in emotion and darkness. I say "she" because I honestly don’t know much about the woman behind the music, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with the songs. The collection of demos (all of which should end up on the 2009 release, The Soft Science) ache and creak, but still expose a strength and beauty. Fighting against the static and rough edges, her voice is clear and piercing. Honestly, these demos could be released tomorrow and win the hearts of adventurous folk fans everywhere.

As is often the case, it’s the little things that make this effort work. The crackle and hiss of the recording. The emotion that seeps out from her voice with each exhale. The angry, spare strums of an acoustic. The double tracked repeat of the simple, touching words, "lay me down." The tender image you get when she asks, "are you cold or are you scared?" Even the phone recording that hides in the background of On the Move or how the levels sometimes blow out give this project unsuspected warmth.

And while I'm excited to hear the finished product, the spirit that these recordings offer is hard to ignore. I just hope the rough edges won’t be sanded down too much when the songs are finally complete.

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Thanks! hit the spot today.


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