Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quick hitters:: The British Columbians


Honestly, when I got a CD from The British Columbians, I was quite ready to put the record in the ole trash, and never think about the BC based band again. I mean, seriously, The British Columbians? That’s the only name worse than The West Boys (Mike Robert’s old Halifax "West" garage band) when it comes to not even trying. Anyway, here’s the skinny about this quartet. It’s about to be 2009, and when the ball drops, The British Columbians might just hope the year turns back to 1972.

Their self-titled debut is a nice mix of blues and folk – which the skeptic might say is a tired combination, especially when you consider how many bands are trying to ride the coattails of The Whites Stripes and The Black Keys – and I’ll give it to the band, they really try some interesting things (like the slinky, soulful riff they deliver on Ain't No Direction). They aren’t concerned with trying to fit into the purists’ definition of the blues, as they are quite happy to break into folk arrangements (In the Leaves), throw in surprising instrumentation (the country jam session feel of By and By) or an extended instrumental jam (the horns on the chaotic The Rolling Tide).

There are a few missteps on the record, which is to be expected when you are cutting your teeth in such a tried and true style of music, but I would imagine a lot of the songs (like most that sample from the same influences) come to life under the lights when the adrenaline starts pumping. Gasoline Handshake is one of those classic metal/blues riffs that gets a crowd excited , so for any of our Vancouver readers still looking for a New Year’s party and hoping to be drenched in sweat, whiskey and and say "it's all happening"... you might want to head over to the Amberjack Tap House tonight and catch their NY set.

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