Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reviews:: Ghettosocks - I Can Make Your Dog Famous

A few weeks ago, the Ack was courteous enough to ask me if there were any MC's we should include on our 10 east-coast artists to watch post. I said no, without even really thinking about it, because I haven't really been sent any new Halifax (or Maritime) hip hop in ages. But shortly after Ack put up his post, I realized that we stupidly missed a chance to big up one of the hill's favorite MC's: the Grand Wizzard Ghettosocks!

Seriously, if you aren't up on G-Socks, then you're missing out. I'm not sure how well-known he is amongst non-diehard hip hop heads outside Halifax (my guess: not very), but I think he's one of the best MC's our fine country has to offer right now - I'd easily put him in my current top five favorite Canadian MC's (which, because I think quite highly of my rap taste, is quite the compliment). It's no secret that I can be a bit of a shameless homer where Halifax music is concerned, but my hip hop zealotry will always prevent me from overhyping an MC or group that doesn't deserve it, so rest assured that this Ghettosocks recommendation is legit.

But I don't expect you to take my word for it, you can go right ahead and score yourself a copy of his recent mixtape I Can Make Your Dog Famous, which has recently been made available in downloadable format. Mixtapes for me are usually hit or miss, with generally more miss than hit, but I Can Make Your Dog Famous is a great listen. Wisely, socks recruited Halifax legend DJ Jorun to assist him with the mix, and this pays dividends in the form of Jo's expert cuts and production, but none of those annoying DJ shout outs that can make mixtapes painful to listen to.

Socks & Jo keep things flowing with a great mix of new beats and some recognizable ones, a couple guest appearances (another plus for this mixtape: not having 400 MC cameos), and a few skits thrown in for good measure (with kudos due for Socks and Jordan Croucher's R.Kelly impression proving the hip hop skit is not dead). Lyrics? Somebody want lyrics? Oh he's got those too - some of my favorites:

I even freestyled with Belly back in high school, only I turned out this way and he's a fly tool (Whatchuknowboutme?)

Stephen Harper's a cock, the park is a spot, a narc is a cop, to ark is to talk (Socks Ebonics)

Stephen Hawking when I'm rockin', cripple that science, using beats like a ski-slope, triple black diamond (Voltron Kicks)

That's the definition of funky loser, I used to give fashion tips to Punky Brewster (I Can Make Your Dog a Donut)

She's on the couch slouched over my boner, I'm gronin', watchin' House Party over her shoulder (Ballz In Yo Stomach)

Sweatbands like Rambo, sweatpants commando, Colt 45 in the hand like Lando, Calrissian (He's the DJ, I'm The Rapper 08)

Don't get burned, pay attention when Socks spit, the nicest rap kid to ride home on an ostrich (Cut You Baby)

You like those Skippy? I thought you might. Tight, boom-bap-influenced beats, a solid Rakim-inspired flow, and clever, often comedic lyrics that show a profound love and knowledge of hip hop make Ghettosocks Halifax's MC champ (the Coast says so, and considering they named this here site the 2nd best blog in Hali, they must have some idea of which they speak). In fact, Socks makes the kind of hip hop I would hope to make if I weren't just some chaunce with a blog, so don't delay, go ahead and let him make your dog famous. I doubt you'll regret it.

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