Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reviews:: The Great Outdoors Winter EP


Huzzah for The Great Outdoors. When 2008 started, they announced a plan to release an EP for each season - not to be confused with the Grease classic A Girl For All Seasons - and flash forward a year, and they have released four quality EPs that mirror the seasons nicely. While that might not seem like a huge deal to the common fan, for a DIY collective to find the time, money and inspiration to constantly work on these songs is pretty impressive.

The band is slowly releasing the tracks from the final installment - Winter - and although I've only heard two of the five tracks, it doesn't make much difference. The point of the project was for the band to deliver on a goal and improve as a band and even if you ignored the quality and consistency of the 4 EPs (which would be foolish, as each is could stand on its own), judging the project on those two factors alone would equal a success.

The Great Outdoors has blossomed over these last 12 months, adding new textures, voices, styles and members. Always a collective, Food, Booze and Entertainment was more a singular vision with tons of support. Now, every release is full of surprises and Adam is as happy playing in the supporting role as he is being the star.

I'll leave you with the fantastic track, The Garbage Man Song. The slinky piano and distorted tones match well with Adam's voice, but it's when the gruff sounds of blues man Nickle City Slim kick in that you want to raise your glass to the band. A year ago, I'm not sure the band could have delivered such a complete song. The terrific baritone harmonies and subtle ebbs and flows show the band's progression and the track perfectly sums up the love/hate affair we all have with the harshest, but often most beautiful season.

Have a terrific (snow-filled) holiday everyone.

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