Thursday, January 22, 2009

IDOW preview:: Jolie Holland, Justin Rutledge, Daniel Ledwell

For such an understated festival, the 2nd annual IDOW really put together a stellar lineup. You’d be hard pressed to find a music fan that isn’t somewhat interested in seeing Al Tuck and Little Orton Hoggett and his Ten Cent Wings play in the pin drop quiet, perfect acoustic setting that is the Rebecca Cohn. Or seeing Buck 65 at Palooka’s. Or seeing the jazz dance party waiting to happen known as Gypsophilia. Or Christina Martin, Ana Egge, Norma MacDonaold, Ruth Minniken... well, you get the idea.

But for me, the must see show of the Festival is the Friday night lineup at the St. George Round Church. Starting with Halifax’s own Daniel Ledwell, we are going to be treated to three show stopping sets in a row. Ledwell – who we’ve talked about many a time on herohill – is probably best known for his work with In-Flight Safety, but his stripped down solo effort was a true hidden gem.

Knowing that such a talent is OPENING the set probably says a lot and IDOW certain ups the anti with the next act - Polaris long list and herohill Top 20 album of the year artist Justin Rutledge. Man Descending was a slow burning, perfectly constructed affair that featured many of Justin’s friends and label mates, (including Halifax’s Jenn Grant – so who knows… she might show up to sing Oh Sister) and a rcord that has continued to grow with every listen.

Somehow, one of Canada’s best artists is not the headliner, and with good reason. Closing the night is NY-based Jolie Holland. Touring in support of her fantastic new record - The Living and the Dead – the former Be Good Tanyas member and Greg Graffin collaborator is easily one of my Top 5 favorite female singers. I could listen to her recite the phonebook or one of Allan’s reviews (I kid, I kid) and I would still be entranced. I’m not sure how many people know about Jolie so I’ll just let everyone know it would be a damn shame if you missed a chance to see her play in such an intimate setting.

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At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Smansmith did sayeth:

I kept meaning to comment on this. This is absolutely a kick ass line up with Rutledge/ledwell/Holland. Wish I could make it.

I also agree on the Ledwell solo stuff being completely under the radar, yet soo good.



At 10:02 PM, Blogger Allan did sayeth:

Ouch major burn. Almost went unnoticed too :P.


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