Thursday, January 15, 2009

News:: Brockway Biggs Presents: 2009 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

I said pretty much the same thing in my post last year, but if there's anyone in the Canadian hip hop biz grinding harder than Troy Neilson, aka Brockway Biggs, I have yet to come in contact with them. I mean how many MC's do you know that would spend 102 days trekking solo across this vast country of ours in a van with no air conditioning? Yeah, I thought so.

On top of all the hustle he puts into his own projects, Troy takes the time every year to compile a mix of Canadian hip hop up and comers, and 2009 is no exception. I received this years sweet wood-panelled edition a couple weeks ago, and thought I should share it with you fine folks. You can download yourself a copy for free.99 right here, or you can get in touch with Troy for a physical copy. There's plenty to like on this year's edition, with lots of folks who received coverage on the hill last year, like Arabesque, Cadence Weapon, Louwop, Common Unity, The Extremities, Factor, and Mic Boyd. But there's plenty more, see for yourself:

1. TRP (Windsor) - One Intro
2. David Hodges (Montreal) - Get Together
3. Arabesque (Toronto) - Marlboro Man
4. Cadence Weapon (Edmonton) - Real Estate
5. Louwop (Toronto) - Scream
6. Common Unity (Montreal) - Rigodon Dance
7. The Extremities (Halifax/TO) - Funk For Joy
8. Alias Donmillion (Toronto) - Call The Police
9. Redway (Toronto) - Facebook Broad
10. Jonny Roxx (Toronto) - Hands Wet feat JD Era & Ken Masters
11. First Words (Fredericton/Halifax) - Bobbi With An I
12. Mischif (Cape Breton) - Freaks Come Out
13. The Subspecies (Kamloops) - Shoot The Shit
14. Loc Dog (Digby, NS) - You'll See feat Al Boogie, Mick D, KNOwledge
15. Dynamic (Ottawa) - You Understand
16. Phakt (Saint John) - The Body feat Jordan Croucher
17. Factor (Saskatoon) - Pray feat Ceschi
18. Side C (Montreal) - Trees feat Loe Pesci
19. Mic Boyd (Enfield, NS) - Michael's Mystery
20. Tru Paz (Toronto) - Country Road (Remix) feat Esko Levi
21. Brockway Biggs (Ottawa) - Heretics Heritage Intro (Fresh Kils remix)
22. Lexington + Whatevski (Calgary) - Movin On Up

The fun doesn't stop there. If you're a Canadian who fancies himself a future rap superstar, then Brockway requests that you send your CD here:

PO Box 90014, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1J8

So if you woke up this morning wondering, who about was going to be Canada's rap superstars this year, thanks to Brockway Biggs, now you know.

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