Monday, January 5, 2009

Old School Mondays:: '09 to '89 Edition

Well now, the holidays are over, I took myself a little blogging break, but now 2009 is upon us and it demands a return to action from your old pal Shane. So then, what better way to kick off a new year than with a crispy edition of OSM? Of course, but how should one greet '09 in a suitably old school fashion? Well I figured there was no better way than to subtract 20 and take it back to what is truly one of the best years in hip hop history: 1989.

How to select songs from '89 you ask? Well it's quite simple, like anyone would do in this situation, I consulted the Ego Trip Book of Rap Lists for the top singles from '89 - as an aside, that is quite likely one of the best hip hop books ever compiled, if you haven't read it, add doing so to your resolutions. Anyway, the top three songs on the list are Fight The Power, So Wat Cha Sayin', and Children's Story. Seriously, now there is a top three. If you told me I could only listen to those three songs until I kicked the bucket (can I kick the bucket? Yes you can!), I would be a happy man. My love for PE has been well documented (by me!), so it figures that Fight the Power has been posted before, and it seems I randomly posted Children's Story before, but I've never posted So Wat Cha Sayin', which is hard to believe considering how much I love it. But oh well, it's a new year, and I've already righted a wrong. '09 is off to a successful start.

Speaking of righting wrongs, #10 on the Ego Trip list is a song that I've wanted to post for a while: Three Times Dope's Funky Dividends. Simply a fantastic jam from this Philly threesome, and if you know it, no doubt just the mention of it makes you smile. If you don't, have a listen below and just enjoy the '89 goodness. Just the thought of my cassette copy of Original Stylin' makes me happy.

That gives us a solid four-pack (aka the Tupac x 2), so what shall we add to make it an even five? How about #28 on the Ego Trip list, Chill Rob G's Court Is Now In Session. I was never a huge Chill Rob G fan, but he has a great voice, and I was defintely down with his huge glasses stlye. Mainly though, I've always felt bad about Chill Rob getting ripped off by those thieving Germans from Snap!, so I'll use this as a reason to give him some shine. It is a solid jam in it's own right though, and if you pay attention you can pick up various sampled vocal bits from other songs ("watch the birdie", "get your ass in the car, you're coming with us").

So happy new year from the hill, come back every Monday in '09 for that old school goodness.

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At 3:53 PM, Blogger Tom did sayeth:

Good tracks to start. Don't forget the classic Heavy D. and the Boyz - Somebody For Me, and De La's Me, Myself and I.



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