Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick hitters:: The Artful Vandelays


I'll be honest; naming your band after one of our favorite Seinfeld references is a surefire way to get noticed on herohill. I mean, you could honestly sound like a bag of ass and on name alone we'd give you a spin. How much do we love Art Vandelay here on the hill? Well, our three-on-three hoops team combines the awesomeness of AV and one of our all time favorite classic NBAers (Kiki Vandeweghe) to form the unstoppable Vandeweghe Industries.

Anyway, lets jump right into The Artful Vandelays. The Thornhill, Ontario natives sent over a copy of their EP – Four Ring Circus – and as the opening notes poured through my headphones, I was left thinking… "Great another EP by a band that wants to sound like Radiohead." Sign Language starts off using a lot of the same elements often pillaged from Radiohead's back catalog (although I have to say, I love the nice bass line), but they quickly expose some other influences that transform their sound into something unique. After a atmospheric intro, heavier, more technical guitar takes over Pyramid Scheme. The guitar notes fly all over the place and Anton matches the intensity with soaring (and shouted) vocals.

Overall the EP shows the band trying to find a mix between the sounds you'd expect and the post punk that they obviously enjoy. Overall, I'm not sure they are quite there yet, but the way the try to blend spacey melodies with rage and power is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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At 9:15 AM, Anonymous dave did sayeth:

Vandeweghe Industries!!


At 8:13 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

Here we are!

The classic Gone Drinkin' missing photo seems appropriate somehow.


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