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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Dam-Funk - Rhythm Tracks IV

I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that Stones Throw is one of my favorite labels right now. I say this not only because they've sent us a bunch of really cool stuff in the last few months (to a place in Canada that no doubt anyone at the label would have trouble finding on a map), but also because of the variety of solid acts associated with them, from raw, rugged hip hop from dudes like Percee P and Guilty Simpson, to electro goodness like James Pants and Mr. Chop, on down to the breakbeat Motown sound of Mayer Hawthorne - it isn't the kind of roster you'll find just anywhere. But on top of that, they hustle very hard to ensure they always have new content available for the people.

One such example of this is their Rhythm Trax series. Basically they get one of their artists to create a "DJ Friendly" instrumental album, with the latest edition (IV) coming from LA Electro-maestro Dam-Funk (and having been preceded by version from James Pants, DJ Romes, and Baron Zen). Dam (which I believe is pronounced like Dame) is a master of old school electro sounds, and Rhythm Trax IV is no exception, as thumps from analog drum machines and 80's synthesizer sounds abound on this short but sweet release.

Why should you check out Rhythm Trax IV you ask? Well Silver will prove that high speed handclaps and casios, when put together, are funner than you would think possible. Purple starts like you just loaded up a game of TI Invaders, but is then filled out with a beat so 80s-funky that it would make Jerome run for his mirror. Oh, and I think that is in fact a picture of Dam-Funk up there on the left, holding a huge cat. And that friends, is pretty awesome. Check the commercial below for a further taste of what Dam & Rhythm Trax IV has to offer.


Dam-Funk - Rhythm Trax IV

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