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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick hitters:: Donovan Woods


Sometimes we are envious over the silliest things. I mean, why we care when someone dates one of our exes or someone we don't even hang around with has a better job or, as bloggers, that someone can write terrific songs that no one hears is kind of a humorous aspect of the human condition. Why we continue to want something or someone we've already decided we didn't want is part of the absurdity of life.

That’s why when Toronto singer Donovan Woods admits his resentment of the adulation his cousin receives for his Grey Cup ring, I simply fell into the song and it was the little thing that helped “another singer/songwriter” get noticed. He points out his own skills - a pretty good baseball swing, a good voice - but can't get over the status his cousins gets from the ring.

Woods is an extremely talented man, but it’s the honesty that permeates his songs that makes the songs on The Hold Up seem so woolly and comforting. Whether it’s envy of a beard, a wife and a home or the simple admission that the one lost love wasn’t really as perfect as we often think it was, Woods sees his world with a stark clarity and it makes his songs seem like they were written for you.

He may not be saying what we always want to hear, but Woods sings what we are really thinking. The little bite he adds to Car Won’t Start, when he frustratingly blurts, "If you wanna change your plans, then change your fucking plans" or the painful realization of telling his old lover that his new one "Ain't better than you you see, she’s just better for me that you" on I Ain't Saying She's Better Than You are those moments that make these songs real, not just another collection of rose-colored memories.

Even though The Hold Up was released back in early ’07, the record is one you could listen to in 07, 97, or 2017. The appeal of a man and his guitar is something that will never fade, and when it’s done this well, it leaves you feeling just a little envious.

The reason I’m posting on Woods today is simple… he’s got new music coming out in March. His new EP, The Widowmaker, is in the can and now we just wait. You can hear a new track from the upcoming release over at Slowcoustic.

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At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

dudes voice really reminds me of the singer from Grandaddy


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