The Great Canadian Mixtape Project:: Saskatchewan

We are back in full swing here on the Great Canadian Mixtape Project and honestly, hats off to you Saskatchewan. Not only did you come through with a ton of quality tracks, you really personified the reasons we started this thing. When we stumbled on an act we wanted to include, it was followed up with three or four suggestions of other bands that deserved to be heard.

Saskatchewan really has a terrific collection of artists, and runs the gambit when it comes to style. The pop stylings of Maybe Smith (who offered up a preview of the new record, a duet with Christine Fellows) and Library Voices, the gritty punk of The Ultimate Power Duo, the electric roots of acts like The Deep Dark Woods and Shuyler Jansen and a hip-hop community that offered up a cornucopia of jams were obviously fantastic finds, but the real hidden gems were the complete surprises like a brand new song from Foam Lake (ex-Blood Lines - RIP) and the crazy country, shoegaze instrumental goodness of the Lazy MKs.

When it comes to Saskatchewan, it’s hard not to think of the flat prairie landscape, but for us it’s even harder not to think of the quality mustache of CFL Hall of Famer, Ray Elgaard. Like the man himself, the artists on this mix really showcase toughness and heart, and have skills you wouldn’t expect. Elgaard’s legendary hustle also inspired us to give you more than our normal 20 songs and include the perfectly titled jam from Kay the Aquanaut, The ’89 Grey Cup.

So without further ado, here it is: Elgaard Your Grill (download zip)

1. Jeannette Stewart – Prairie Skies (MP3)
2. A Gentle Forest - Springtime
3. Slow Down, Molasses – Slow Motion
4. soso & DJ Kutdown - Under the Yoke
5. Rah Rah – Duet For Emmylou And The Grievous Angel
6. Deep Dark Woods – Mountain (live unreleased recording) (MP3)
7. Ultimate Power Duo – Jack the Ripper
8. Sylvie – Please Make it Home
9. We Were Lovers – Mirror, Mirror (MP3)
10. Volcanoless in Canada – She Moves
11. Foam Lake – Die Fighting (MP3)
12. Eekwol feat. Mils and of Dead Prez - The Gauntlet
13. Lazy MKs – Pakowki
14. Epic - The City
15. Polymaths - Duets (MP3)
16. Library Voices – Kundera on the Dance Floor
17. Maybe Smith – Bloopers (ft. Christine Fellows) (MP3)
18. Factor – One Record
19. These Hands – Zoe Montreal
20. Shuyler Jansen– Totally Anonymous (MP3)

BONUS TRACK:: Kay the Aquanaut - The ’89 Grey Cup

So thank you SK. You really went above and beyond. Special thanks go out to Ken Beattie, Tyson from Slow Down, Molasses, Shuyler Jansen and Michael from Young Soul Records. You guys really helped us track down some terrific artists. Also, we want to thank Lauren Burrows from CBC Radio 3. The interview and attention you gave the project will really help these artists get heard, which is why we are doing this.

Up next is PEI. So, lets get some recommendations in and keep the momentum going.



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