Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Shout Out Out Out Out Reintegration Time

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Edmonton’s Shout Out Out Out Out could be the darkest party goers you will ever come across. The sextet layers synths, double drum kits and sound effects into a dance ready package, but when the vocoded vocals show up you get hit with a heavy dose of apocalyptic prophecies that constantly try to battle the onslaught of bumping beats the band delivers.

It’s definitely worth noting that even though the grim subject matter still exists, there is something more uplifting about the release (In the End It's Your Friends for example). The SOOOOs have always managed to keep a gritty realism up front in their sound, but this time around the band beefed up the production and some of the swells and builds they reveal are … dare I say … carefree. Bad Choices is six plus minutes of pure bliss, the title track really shifts into the classic IDM feel, and the angry pseudo old skool raps Cadence Weapon drops makes Coming Home a sure fire indie DJ staple.

If you are looking for a record to jump start your party or get the sweat flying on the dance floor, look no further than Reintegration Time, but don't mistake this Edmonton based outfit for a one-trick pony. There's a lot to digest with this record, and they are certainly more than just another dance-synth band. I really like how San Serac's cameo on One Plus Two Plus Three provides a great Small Sins-like change of pace, letting the band finish up with three of the lightest, most positive sounding tracks (the four minute fade out on Reintegration Time shows the band understanding the energy they just hit you with over the ten tracks and seems to be there simply to let you catch your breath and gather your thoughts).

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