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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old School Tuesdays:: Obligatory Rappers That Act Edition

Are we gangster yet?
Apologies for the one day delay, but an extra long Easter weekend for me means an OST for you. Oh well, hopefully you also enjoyed an extra day off. Anyway, today's idea seems like a theme that's tailor made for an edition of OSM, but it's taken a weird on-air hissy fit from an obviously delusional, and perhaps washed-up, actor, to inspire it. I mean c'maaan, if you go on Q, and you come off as roughly 10 times more of a d-bag than Jian Ghomeshi, the smug, former member of the "politically satirical folk-pop" foursome, Moxy Fruvous, things are not going well for you.

So anyway, that nonsense had me thinking I'd post some songs from actors turned rappers, but I couldn't think of any except Lil' D and the immortal Brian Austin Green. I mean seriously, could you see either of those dudes in '89 being like "Arsenio, I swear to god, if you even mention the fact that I'm an actor, this interview is over! Would you say music was MC Serch's first love?!?!? I f*cking thought so!!!". I mean sure, David Silver was waaay awesome, I can't deny that, and so Arsenio likely would've given Brian Austin Green the respect he deserved, but surely David Faustino would be thrilled to be referred to in any manner other than "hey asshole, I said LARGE fries!".

As humourous as all that is, it doesn't actually provide me with any musical content, so here's a list of some my favorite old school rappers that act. That's related, kind of. Enjoy!

Kamron - Erstwhile former frontman (maybe? not sure any of them would want to claim that role) of the "controversially" named Young Black Teenagers. The only acting role of his I remember was Jamal, the white guy who thinks he's black from House Party 2 (man, that must've been a large test of his acting chops). Perhaps a thin acting resume, but two things: Any House Party ref is golden, and it also allows me to post the ridiculous Nobody Knows Kelli, which ties into the intro of this post nicely.

Heavy D - The overweight lover is less overweight these days, but is likely just as much of a lover. He has a nice little acting C.V., but I have to say, he was magical in the Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence buddy comedy Life. At least I think he was. I do remember watching that movie and saying "hey, I think that's Heavy D", and that has to count for something.

Ice-T - Legendary gangster rapper that also somehow fronted a terrible metal band with one of the most famous anti-cop songs ever, yet he's played a cop on one of the Law & Orders for almost ten years. Oh Tracey Marrow, you are an enigma!

Ice Cube - From Doughboy and No Vaseline to being tabbed as the next Mr. Kotter. Perhaps not a career progression one could have predicted, but in all honesty, Cube's work with NWA, and his three or four solo albums were so good, that he's pretty much always going to get a pass from me. I mean I haven't seen a movie he's done since the 90's, but still, he gets that pass.

Daryl "Chill" Mitchell - You might know him as the wisecracking lunchcounter owner Dexter on the The John Larroquette Show, but I know him as the silver-dollar adorned fedora wearing third of the immortal hip hop triumvirate Groove B. Chill. There is perhaps a joke to be made here, but because I always liked Chill, and because a 2001 motorcycle accident has left him wheelchair-bound, I'm just going to leave it at that.

College Boyz - These cell phone rapping Ack antagonists are worth a mention as a bonus jam, mainly because their name still pushes the Ack from 0 to 60 on the anger meter in one second or less. However, they also boast super movie star Romany Malco, who was in such film classics as The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Love Guru. Most successful acting rapper? I think we just found him.


YBT - Nobody Knows Kelli

Groove B. Chill - Hip Hop Music

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