Friday, May 29, 2009

File under holy sh%t:: William Whitmore covers Bad Religion

Wow. I already love William Whitmore. I already love Daytrotter. I already love Bad Religion. Therefore, a combination of the three is probably the best thing you will stumble upon this Friday. How awesome is it that he leaves out a verse because the liner notes on Recipe for Hate are wrong? Classic.

I can't stress enough how great Daytrotter is, so please visit the site and click on as many ads as you can because they give these songs away for free. For those not in the know, basically artists show up and play stripped down takes on tracks and usually offer up a fantastic cover to add the cherry to the musical sundae. After starting out with a few small sessions, Daytrotter has grown and grown and started pulling in terrific musicians on a daily basis. You should be heading over there on a daily basis.

MP3:: William Whitmore - Don't Prey On Me (Bad Religion cover via Daytrotter)
SUPPORT DAYTROTTER:: Sign up and click on an ad or two

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