Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Showstravaganza:: Superfantastics, Divorcees & Gays In The Grove

We've been making changes around the hill, and one of the ones we have the highest hopes for is the new Show Listings page. We've just launched it recently, so it isn't jam-packed with shows yet, but we're hoping that in time it will be the place to go for Halifax shows. As part of that, we're introducing this new feature you are currently eyeballing: a friday rundown of the weekend shows and a look at what's coming up next week.

So here you go, you've got the always enjoyable Superfantastics tonight, the Divorcees release party (I have to say, although I've never seen them live, I can't imagine they are anything but a trough of whiskey-soaked goodtimes) and Gays in the Grove - with is not only fun to say, but also a worthy fundraiser for this year's pride activites here in Halifax. I won't bore you any further, have a gander at the listings below and get out and see something.

MP3:: The Superfantastics - Rites of Spring

MP3:: The Divorcees - My '83

The Superfantastics - Turn on Me

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