Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hot off the presses:: Kestrels

It seems like I've been waiting to hear the full length from Halifax/Truro-based noise affectionados, Kestrels for decades. Their teaser 7" - Seaside (review)- that came out last year warmed my J Mascis loving heart and the play count on iTunes shows that I've not even come close to tiring of the jam.

The thing that makes them so appealing is how well they balance melody and layers with a love of noise that reminds me of the music I grew up, but never sound dated or formulaic. Honestly, they make the type of songs you'd stumble on when you'd stayed up to watch on The Wedge.

Thankfully, that wait for the record is coming to an end. Primary Colours is slated for an early Summer release (end of June/beginning of July) and the band is giving everyone a sneak preview today on their web site. Sailed On is a 5-minute sparkler, full of beautiful feedback laced guitar notes, drums and catchy "indie-when it still meant something" sing-along vocals. It's gritty, loud, beautiful and already one of the best songs I've heard this summer.

I wont' go into hyperbole mode quite yet, as I'm still waiting to get the full record, but this is one I've marked on the Best-of list months ago and Sailed On does nothing but firm up a spot. If the whole record is this good, you are going to have to move past seeing in red, yellow and blue and open up the whole spectrum.

MP3:: Kestrels - Sailed On
MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/kestrelskestrels
BUY:: http://kestrels.ca/

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