Old School Mondays:: BDK - Life Story Edition

Apologies for the one day delay, but this was a long weekend for us up here (Victoria Day for the curious, and yes, that Victoria, we get our pseudo Britain on still), and I had too much on the go to get an OSM done in time for posting yesterday. In fact I barely had time to get this done for Tuesday, but I’m a trooper, so let’s troop on.

If you’re a regular OSM reader, the fact that I enjoy me some Big Daddy Kane will come as no surprise. If I didn’t hate lists, BDK would easily be in my top 3 MC’s list and would certainly have a shot at numero uno. So that being said, when I came across a documentary (or mini-doc as it runs about 17 minutes) on BDK, it was certainly must-see TV for me. It’s being hosted in it’s entirety by Scion, and so if you’re at all into hip hop, you should head over there and check it out.

I’m not going to go any detail about the film, as I think everyone should check it out for themselves, but it’s hard to watch that without getting nostalgic. It brought me back to BDK’s early days, and I realized that I’ve never posted what many consider the penultimate Big Daddy song: Ain’t No Half Steppin’. Of course other folks likely have strong feelings for other BDK jams, but for me, that’s the one I’ll always think of as his first big song and it shall remain an eternal favorite (I would’ve had the video posted with this, which is a classic, but it seems there isn’t one with sound available on the youtube). But what to post with it? Well if we’re starting at the start, we might as well post up Kane’s first two releases, the much beloved Raw, and the fairly unknown Get Into It.

Get Into It represents Kane’s transition from Biz hype man to solo mic wrecker under the tutelage of Marley Marl and his James Brown-ed out beats. It’s vintage old school Kane, with the echo-effects on his voice and everything and although I’m not sure if it hints at the icon Kane would become, it’s still awesome. And speaking of awesome, Raw is that and then some. Truly one of the most iconic beats in hip hop, if trademark fast rap drums and wailing horns don’t get you, Kane’s lyricism should seal the deal: “I’m genuine like Gucci, raw like sushi, this stage of rage is what rap did to me, to make me want to create chaos and mayhem, cold rock a party, until the A.M.”.

Whilst we’re on the topic of iconic beats and awesome lyrics, Ain’t No Half Steppin’ has that on lock and it’s a crime I haven’t posted it up until now. Consider that crime solved, and enjoy.

MP3:: Big Daddy Kane - Get Into It

MP3:: Big Daddy Kane - Raw

MP3:: Big Daddy Kane - Ain’t No Half Steppin’

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