Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick Hitters:: HotKid

Let's be honest. When any band decides to make the 12 hour trek from Montreal and include Hali on their tour, we should be happy. When a band decides to make the trek, video blog it and give a positive shine to the city, we should be ecstatic.

So, the least the hill can do in return is talk about a new (FREE) record from the Ontario two piece, HotKid. You might remember the three-song EP – The Cost – that rocked a few faces off last year (review), but in case you forgot they are presenting you with a nothing to lose offer. Download the new record from Zunior and in turn, pay them nothing.

Someday Somehow is just what you’d expect from the band; buzz saw guitars, screeching female vocals (courtesy of Shiloh) and crashing drums (from Peter), but it also shows the band making some big strides musically. Right out of the box, yu can hear the screws tightening. Thanks to time on the road and some guidance from Ian Burton and Rick White, the Cambridge duo manages to still hit you with spit and swagger, but prove they have more to offer than just limitless energy. With the surprisingly strong melodies and quick run time, you can throw the disc on for repeat listens.

Just check out the metal infused guitar work on Tossing n' Turning and crunch and powerful vocals of Hold On. Then head over to Zunior and get some free shit and use your spare change for some $1.75 beers at Gus' Pub, skinflint.

MP3:: HotKid - Tossing n' Turning

MP3:: HotKid - Hold On
BUY:: Download for FREE

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