Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video Hits:: Josh Martinez, Caledonia, k-os & Timber Timbre

So yesterday I'm in a local pizza place enjoying a slice of healthy lunch when mid-slice some lady comes in and asks the tiny, mustachioed gentleman at the counter if the guy who was working last night is in - she explains that she was "very drunk" last night and that she swore at the dude. She has come in to apologize to him. She then explains to tiny 'stache that she is "not like that at all", even though he barely speaks english and likely has zero idea what she is talking about.

What does this story have to do with videos? Absolutely nothing, but we're based in Halifax, a place many people who read this blog no nothing about. And on a day when we're featuring two awesome Halifax-related videos, the quintessentially Halifax Going Back To Hali from Josh Martinez and an awesome clip from my new favorite Halifax band, Caledonia's Friday Night Rock Song, it made sense to tell you fine folks a little bit about what Halifax is like. Well, Halifax is the kind of place where seemingly normal women get drunk enough, on a Tuesday night no less, to scream profanities at the pizza shop counter guy, but feel remorseful enough about it the next day to try and personally apologize to him. In other words, it's awesome here, when are you coming!

I have to say, if you were attempting to make a video that would fit exactly in my wheelhouse, you'd have a hard time doing a better job than Going Back To Hali from Haltown expat Martinez. LL-inspired song with awesome throwback beat? Check. Gratuitous Halifax footage with plenty of boat shots? Check. The running man? Check. Coonskin caps? Check. A Skratch Bastid scratch-break executed halfway across the MacDonald bridge? Check. Donairs? Check. It has it all. Like Liz Lemon, I want to go to there. Luckily I am here, so that's convenient.

Josh Martinez - Going Back to Hali f. Classified & Skratch Bastid

MP3:: Josh Martinez - Going Back To Hali

As for Caledonia's Friday Night Rock Song, it's simply a great, party-themed video for a fantastic song. It also happens to be another, less cheeky example of what Halifax is like. So kudos to the band and to Fresh Ink Films for a job well done. Check Ack's review for We Are America if you want to know more about Caledonia, we've got our eye on these fellas, you should do the same.

Caledonia - Friday Night Rock Song

MP3:: Caledonia - We Are America

To complete this edition of Video Hits, we've got a couple videos from two acts playing Halifax this weekend. First up is k-os, who is playing the Cunard Centre as part of his pay-what-you-want Karma tour this weekend. I have to admit, I am kind of curious to see how this show would go down, and I'd like to see k-os, but I'm afraid I won't be making it. Partly because I have no desire to wade through the hordes of kids that will likely be at the show, but mainly because we're planning to see Timber Timbre at the Company House that night. Taylor just signed to Arts & Crafts, and that bit of welcome news sets the stage for what should be a great show in a perfect venue for his haunting sound (this video is on the myspace, not sure if its official, but it's ice-tastic).

k-os - 4 3 2 1

MP3:: k-os - 4 3 2 1 (Rock Steady Drew The Love Mix)

Timber Timbre - We'll Find Out

MP3:: Timber Timbre - Lay Down In The Tall Grass

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