Thursday, June 25, 2009

FREE:: Arts & Crafts 6 - Summer Sampler

Here's the deal. As far as Canadian labels goes, Arts & Crafts is kind of like the coolest kid in every High School movie... You know the one everyone loves, but has the heart of gold and somehow gets along with the nerds, jocks, A/V dudes, stoners and, well, you get my drift. Honestly though, the label has worked hard at keeping the talent level high, but they've signed some terrific acts to help diversify the sounds.

Anyway - to help kickoff the summer, they are giving away a free sampler full of tracks from bands like Timber Timbre (aka - my number one Polaris pick), Most Serene Republic, Broken Social Scene, Still Life Still, Bell Orchestre, Years, Amy Milan, and .....


That's right. I've already professed my love to Zeus, but here's another amazing song from the TO band. Honestly, I would have paid for this sampler, but Arts & Crafts is giving it away for free. A nice end of school treat for you kiddies if you ask me.

MP3:: Zeus - Fever of the Time

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