Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old School Mondays:: Intelligent Hoodlum

An extended family weekend spent on Canada's smallest and potato-est province not only meant no OSM yesterday, but also a complete lack of ideas late last night when I tried to throw something together. But going back for a read of last week's edition reminded me that legendary hill alumnus Mr. E had left a rather decent suggestion in comment form. That's enough for me, so the Intelligent Hoodlum it is then.

Perhaps you might know him as Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum, or his latest (I think) moniker, Tragedy Khadafi. Whatever of his many previous handles you want to use, there's no doubt that this Queensbridge bred MC made a splash when his Marley Marl & Large Pro-producer debut dropped. Although I think Tragedy was but a teenager in 1990, he displayed a wisdom beyond his years with songs like Black and Proud and Arrest the President. But he was also a talented MC, and thanks to the very catchy production he was provided (the Soul II Soul jacking for a song of the same name would've been heartily approved of by grade 9 Naedoo), smallish white kids like myself were very much into his brand of hoodlumery.

The idealism-sucking force of getting older, the waning in popularity of "c-word" rap (conscious rap you dirty perverts), and the sexiness of street life likely formed a trifecta that proved too strong a pull to keep Tragedy rapping under the guise of the Intelligent Hoodlum for very long. That said, I was surprised when he re-entered my consciousness with his Khadafi alias as a frequent Capone & Noreaga collaborator (at the start of the CNN era anyway, I believe there was a falling out at some point). But, at least we have his debut to look back on, and it is a pretty perfect representation of that time in hip hop history. Enjoy.

MP3:: Intelligent Hoodlum - Back To Reality

MP3:: Intelligent Hoodlum - Black And Proud

MP3:: Intelligent Hoodlum - Arrest The President

Video:: Intelligent Hoodlum - Black And Proud

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