Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old School Mondays:: Main Source

With tomorrow being Canada Day, I wanted to come with some kind of Canuckian angle for this OSM OST, but that can be like trying to come up with a "Top Dunks by a Canadian" list - there isn't a ton of material to work with. But while pondering this, I re-read last week's All-Canadian edition of BOX!, and the inclusion of NY-based, but TO-bred DJ/Producer Marco Polo brought a certain pair of Canadian DJ's to mind. Of course you know who I'm talking about: Sir Scratch and K-Cut from the legendary Main Source.

Well maybe you didn't know that, but these Toronto natives were indeed the DJ's for the group fronted by Large Professor, and I don't mind telling you that Breaking Atoms is one of my favorite hip hop albums ever, and if you don't agree it's a classic, I will fight you. Well, at the very least, we can't be blog friends anymore. But it shouldn't come to that, as Main Source's debut really is a tremendous album, which, to me anyway, still sounds just as great today. It's full of great songs from top to bottom, but once I realized I had never posted posse-cut extraordinaire Live At The BBQ, that was a must. I love that whole song, but not only is it Nas' debut, but he absolutely kills it. The mysterious Joe Fatal also does excellent work.

I have to say, Extra P is fantastic throughout the whole album, he was never the most complex MC, but his phrasing and cadence is top notch. So, along with Live At The BBQ, we have a remix of Just Hangin' Out which was the A Side on the 12" that BBQ came out on. Just Hangin' Out was always a favorite of mine, and I'd never heard this remix, but I enjoy it.

But let's get back to the Canadians, because after all, Main Source did have a bit of an ugly breakup (Extra P on ATCQ's Keep It Rollin': "from the projects, the PJ's, fuck them two DJ's". tsk, tsk). Obviously Large Professor went solo, and despite not quite reaching the levels one might have predicted, he's more well known than Sir Scratch and K-Cut. But Scratch and Cut made a attempt to keep the Main Source magic going, recruiting another Queens MC, Mikey D, to make another album, Fuck What You Heard, that unfortunately never got, uhhhh, heard. However, thanks to the magic of the interwebage, now we can hear it, and so here's the big jam from that album, What You Need. Scratch and Cut show their production chops, and even thought Mikey D is solid, but no Large Pro, the jazzy, early 90's goodness of this one shows they weren't lost without him.

It turns out K-Cut went on to do a bit of production and remixing for others, and upon perusing the list of his work, a certain fairly popular jam that, features a gargantuan basketball player that's been in the news recently, caught my eye. So I'll leave you with that, I'm sure you'll pick out which one it is below. Enjoy your Canada Day.

MP3:: Main Source - Live At The BBQ

MP3:: Main Source - Just Hangin' Out (Your Hood Remix)

MP3:: Main Source - What You Need

MP3:: Fu-Schinkens - What's Up Doc (Can We Rock)(K-Cut's Fat Trac Remix) With Shaquille O'Neal

Video:: Main Source - Just Hangin' Out

VIDEO:: Main Source - What You need

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At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Dude you suck!!! There is only 1 man worthy of having Canada and hip hop in the same sentence and that's "Le Boyfriend"... After him I'd consider Devon and whoever sang that "Juicy Love" song.



At 12:35 AM, Blogger DJ Solespin did sayeth:

I've been super stoked to know that K-Cut & Scratch are Canadian. It makes the album and the music that much more special for me.

I spoke with K-Cut a couple of times on Myspace trying to get some more of his non-Main Source production, but no dice :(

I've been waiting to hear from him again and got nada so far. I found a discography of his work online and tracking the songs down one at a time.


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