Thursday, June 11, 2009

Video Hits:: In-Flight Safety, Sunparlour Players, Grand Analog

This is not the nicest Thursday we've ever seen here in Halifax, what with the rain playing such a prominent role in today's weather, but we are well into June now so you know a return to sunshine can't be far off (Hopefully). But never the less, it is a Thursday, and that means the return of Video Hits, our semi-regular look at some of the more interesting musical clips we've been sent recently. And a good edition it is, I have to say, featuring some excellent Canadian talent in the form of In-Flight Safety, Sunparlour Players, and Grand Analog.

My review of In-Flight Safety's latest record, We Are An Empire, My Dear, might have been a little rant-y, but I certainly stand by it. I think it's a great record and if you have yet to hear it, you should do so on the ASAP. Until then though, you can check out longtime IFS collaborator Drew Lightfoot's interesting take on Model Homes, a song we've been fans of since last summer, when we thought it was called Model House. Regardless of the title, this is a striking video, with the blueprint- theme executed better than one might think. This one deserves to be seen, so go ahead and, uhhhh, see it.

In-Flight Safety - Model Homes

MP3:: In-Flight Safety - Model Homes

Sunparlour Players recent album, Wave North, was much-anticipated by many folks, and if the Ack's review is to be believed, the band took some chances, but the results are satisfying. I think those changes are introduced on album opener North, so that made it a perfect video candidate, and Ed Gass Donnelly's poigniant video captures the mood of the song rather perfectly I'd say.

Sunparlour Players - North

MP3:: Sunparlour Players - Battle of '77

I've listened to Grand Analog's new album, Metropolis is Burning a few times now, with the intention of reviewing it, but distractions and procrastination have gotten the better of me thus far. Because of that, I figured a Video Hits appearance would give Odario & Co. a little bit of hill coverage until I can get my act together. In typical Urbnet fashion, this is a really well done, good-looking video for GA's pro-party, anti-strict Daddy jam. This is a solid song in it's own right, but anytime your lyrics contain an homage to a K-Solo classic, well sir, you have sealed the deal with yer man Shane.

Grand Analog - Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)

MP3:: Grand Analog - Electric City f. Shad

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