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Monday, July 20, 2009

Old School Mondays:: Happy Birthday Petra Edition

Ok, today's OSM has a deal, and I shall tell you what it is. We were away this weekend for a family wedding (big up to Chrissy & Paul and the good people of Fredericton - home of Forward music), and so I didn't have much time to prepare an OSM for today. But as it happens, today is also my wife Petra's birthday, and so I thought I'd dedicate today's OSM to her and let her pick some songs. I mean after all, we've been together since high school, so surely she would have some fond memories of the stuff I used to bump in the Canadian Tire cassette deck in my Cutlass.

Her first request: "Does Every Little Step count as a rap song?". Ahh, kind of? But not really what we're looking for here, try again. "How about Motown Philly?". Ahhh, again, not really. Dare I ask for another? "How about that Fantastic Voyage song?". Coolio, right, ok, I sense we're not going to done any better than that, so it'll have to do. So here we go, a little Coolio for P's Barkley birthday. And Every Little Step too, cause I shan't front - I love that song. Enjoy.

MP3:: Coolio - Fantastic Voyage

MP3:: Bobby Brown - Every Little Step

Video:: Coolio - Fantastic Voyage

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