Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Crosstown Rivals

Well the rain has been coming down in buckets here in Halifax today, so if there's ever a hump-day in need of a boost, it's this one. Luckily, Winnipeg's Crosstown Rivals has provided just such a boost. The four-man indie dance rock force has released a new single on the new digital label Better Swimmers. The digital single for Exits contains the original version, plus remixes from Vitaminsforyou, Get Famous! and DJ Co-op.

You might remember Crosstown Rivals from our Manitoba mixtape, where Hold Tight, from their last EP added some pep to the halfway point of the mix. Exits certainly remains in the same fuzzy, urgent vein, but perhaps with a bit more of an electronic bent provided by the modulated bassline that runs through the track. It's perfect to get the kids up and shaking - perhaps Bones should bring this one to Gus' this Friday night. The remixes certainly keep the spirit of the track intact, and while I enjoy the 80's goodness of the Vitaminsforyou remix, the stadium guitar lick & 808 combo of the Get Famous! remix is my preference.

Oh, and did I mention this is a free download? Well go get it, and call yourself Parker Lewis while you're at it, cause you can't lose.

MP3:: Crosstown Rivals - Exits

MP3:: Crosstown Rivals - Exits (Get Famous! Remix)

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