Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Magilla Funk Conduit

Let's see how many of the following points you need to read before you listen to the track posted below:

- Magilla Funk Conduit is a live jazz-funk-hip hop mashup from Edmonton Alberta helmed by Brett Miles

- Brett Miles is the son of Canadian Football Hall of Famer Rollie Miles

- Brett is also the uncle of one Rollie Pemberton, aka Cadence Weapon

- 3 years ago Brett was hit by a car, when asked his name by a cop responding to the accident, he replied "Lemonade Salad"

I'm going to go ahead and stereotype our readership by assuming that point 3 sealed the deal for most of you. That's understandable, but it was the last point that lured me in, as an accident that robs one of the ability to speak has to be every artists nightmare. But there's a happy ending in this case - Brett has recovered and is happy to announce the release of MFC's new album: New Set New Sound.

This album is a family affair, with the afore-mentioned Cadeance Weapon guesting on two songs, but a number of Miles' other family members also played a major role, lending a hand with both the performing and production. The result is certainly something different from your average, with a foundation of jazzy basslines & horns augmented by some electronic production serving as the backdrop for Miles' often blunt spoken word-ish raps with his observations of daily life. The sounds is rounded out by guest vocals from folks like Politic Live's Marlon Wilson. It's different, perhaps not for everyone (in fact I'm not sure it's even for me), but it's impossible to deny that it is interesting.

Brett & Co. will have a release party for the album in Edmonton on July 25th at the Starlite Room, but if you aren't a resident of the City of Champions, and like what you hear below, certainly check out his myspace for more.

MP3:: Magilla Funk Conduit - That Funk f. Cadence Weapon

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