Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Seasick Steve

Honestly... I can't pretend that I discovered this artist. Normally we try to avoid bands that pop up on tons of blogs, especially when I've never heard of them before. In this case... I got a random email from a PR guy, asking me about a festival and if I was going. After hearing about their artist, I talked to Dr. Google, Professor Hype and realized that Seasick Steve is kind of a legend and by not knowing his songs, I was missing out.

Anything I could say about this guy has already been said. How many other people road the rails, were a carnie, produced some of Modest Mouse's records and have lived in 56 houses? Whether he's playing gritty blues on his own custom junkstruments (a 2 X 4 with one string, held on by nails??), being the subject of a BBC documentary or just basically tearing the roof of Jools Holland set... Steve is the man. Lots of people already knew it, now I do and after you take a listen, you will too.

The North American release of his debut record - Dog House Music - has been a long time coming. Every song hits hard and amazing and Seasick Steve is the type of artist you WISH you stumbled upon first so you could claim his as your own. Either way, go buy his record and then his back catalog and then tell your friends.


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