Video Hits:: Share - Horse and Rider (Live with Cats)

How about a little pick me up to help wind your Monday down? I suggest you start with the second promo video from Share for their excellent new album Slumping in Your Murals. Seriously, if cats on pianos don’t make you smile a bit, I’m guessing you might have a lump of coal where your theorical soul is supposed to be. Anyway, we’re happy to again have some insider commentary from Share frontman Andrew Sisk, and so without further ado:

Friends are important in life. Talented, funny, generous, genius friends are priceless. Jason MacIsaac is just such a friend. He lent us his talent one afternoon in Halifax. In his Halifax apartment, accompanied by his cat, we made a few versions of this video and kept this take because it was the sloppiest and most amusing. Whether you like Felines or Ornette Coleman you can appreciate a cat walking on a piano.

Please begin bombarding Jason Michael MacIsaac with email requests demanding that he release the new Heavy blinkers album, Health. Its Brilliant, and the world has waited long enough.


VIDEO:: Share - Horse and Rider (Live with Cats)

PS. You can count us amongst those who’d like to hear that new Heavy Blinkers album!



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