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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick Hitters:: The Chicharones

This post right here is what we call in the biz a "twofer", as it kills two blogging birds with one stone (and yeah, I made that up, because that is likely the first time I've actually written the word "twofer"). It's main purpose is to remind folks that Josh Martinez is playing tonight at the Paragon Theatre, and ole Josh deserves a warm reception from his hometown, so if you're able to get out and see him, I recommend it.

The other purpose this post serves is to allow me to talk about The Chicharones and their Swine Country EP, which I'd meant to talk about at the same time that I reviewed Josh's last album, The World Famous Sex Buffet. The Chicharones are a duo comprised of one half Josh, and the other half being Portland MC Sleep. I'll admit I wasn't too familiar with Sleep, but he's well connected in the indie rap world (his last solo album was out on Strange Famous), and is a solid MC to boot. Together they make hip hop that is a little bit adventurous, funny, angry, and really quite good.

I believe a Swine Country full-length has been in the works for awhile, and could see the light of day before the end of the year, but this is a hefty EP, with an intro and seven full songs. They only needed one to hook me though, as the first one You Gotta Move, has everything I need. The beat is solid, and each verse starts with a little lyrical homage to a classic golden age song (Boomin' System, Children's Story, and Jump). As if that wasn't enough, the duo makes a sweet ref to a duo close to the hill's heart: "the Hall & Oates of this rap shit, we rock dance moves, people don't have that". You mention the H&O;, we mention you. It's pretty simple.

What, you need to hear more about the Chicharones and this record? Well how about if I told you they also have a half-sung, doo-wopish song called Go Fuck Yourself? Apropos of nothing, Sleep sounds like an indie hip hop Lil' Fame on this song, and that is awesome. Also, how many hip hop albums do you know with a surf rock style jam called Taco Wagon on them? I thought so. Go see Josh tonight, and check out the Chicharones.

MP3:: The Chicharones - You gotta Move
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/thechicharones

VIDEO:: The Chicharones - Taco Wagon

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