Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halifax Pop Explosion Preview:: Hannah Georges

Other than the fact we are hosting a showcase – oh, did we not mention that today – Valleys, Bruce Peninsula, The Got to Get Got and York Dedoubt???? – the best part about Halifax Pop Explosion is that it’s the one time of the year where the beacon of our national scene shines directly on Canada’s ocean playground. East Coast bias is politely left at the door, drinks are shared, donairs are carved and for four days, amazing bands litter the downtown instead of mullets and power drinkers.

There are tons of acts that everyone will want to see – Dan Mangan, Ohbijou, Julie Doiron, Red Mass and, well the list goes on – but there are tons of smaller names that otherwise would probably never make it out this far. One of those acts is a Vancouver based singer named Hannah Georgas, and chances are even if you've never heard her name before, soon you will be hearing it everywhere you turn.

Her debut EP – The Beat Stuff – came out in January and I’m not sure how I missed it. I mean, it’s easy to overlook talented female singers with the embarrassment of riches Canada is producing these days, but Hannah has the talent and sound to be one that the world gets to here. Honestly, without trying to push a new artist into undeserved waters and unfair comparisons, Georgas offers listeners glimpses of Imogen Heap’s falsetto, Jenn Grant’s playful arrangements (although, she’s replaces Grant’s childlike whimsy with a more grounded reality) and even some of hints of the strums and delivery we’ve all come to expect from Julie Doiron.

But it’s her honest, call 'em as she sees 'em style that helps Georgas stand out. Writing a song about going to see The National, forgetting all the shit between her and an ex just hoping to run into each him so they can just singing along to the songs they love or admitting (over three of the catchiest pop minutes you will hear this year) that she’s broke and has no money to go out but is still happy (The Beat Stuff) might seem too every day for most song writers, but hearing a woman sing about what she has being all she needs, is refreshing. She's not pining for fairy tale romance, riches or fame or even anything more than the most common desires and expectations, but she's passionate about each and every thing she has.

Nowhere is that more enjoyable than her tribute to her new home on All I Need. We all pick up and leave, searching for a new life, a life start, and most importantly, a new home but very few of us find what we are looking for. There are great days, new friends, but how many of us can admit that we really know we made the right decision when we turned the ignition determined to never look back? When the tempo surges and she repeats the sing/shouted vocals, “all I need is this right now” you know Georgas is fulfilled and content. Kind of like me every time I throw on this delightful 5 song EP I guess.

Hannah Georgas plays at the Toothy Moose on Oct 21st so the scheduling gods have not been kind. If you have hustle, you can bust ass from the Seahorse Tavern where we will be and catch her set before The Got to Get Got takes the stage.

MP3:: Hannah Georgas - The Beat Stuff

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