HPX 09:: The Aftermath

Well friends, HPX 09 came to an end, and due to our downright busy-ness, we could do the kind of day-by-day recaps we might have liked, but we did capture some of our classic grainy pics (now with 30% more grain, thanks iPhone!) and poorly recorded bootlegs, and so we wanted to share them.

The Ack called it prefectly this AM, as my brain is also “happily existing as musical oatmeal right now”, and so there shant be a ton of verbiage here, just some sweet bullets and then the pics and songs. So, some brief HPX 09 highlights from the hill:

- As previously discussed, the herohill showcase was stellar from top to bottom, so thanks to the kind folks at HPX for having us back again

- Yukon Blonde were great: fun, polished set - they seem like they’ve been playing together for decades

- Dan Mangan’s set was way too much fun. Arriving in town after battling the flu all week, the only thing warmer than Dan’s temperature was the reception given to him by a packed Company House.

- Cadence Weapon joining Think About Life onstage for a communal version of Sweet Sixteen was pretty crazy, people were pretty hyped.

- Speaking of CW, he and his DJ and easily the most animated MC-DJ combo I’ve seen in a while - dude was leaving the turntables and busting out some k-razy dance-moves.

- We figured Timber Timbre in St. Matthew’s church would be good, but his set, which was equal parts spooky and stirring, exceeded our expectations.

- Here’s a hot tip: Oh No Forest Fires are fast & fun live. Oh, and Rajiv is a super-nice fella - but many of you already know this.

- Another nice fella? Ricardo from Old Folks Home who made hill history by asking to get a pic with us (first artist to do so, we were flattered)

- Best dance moves we saw? Perhaps Josh from Little Girls.

- ZEUS, the almighty ZEUS. Nuff said.

- every band we saw was terrific, but the fest in general had some killer moments (ie - Jenn Grant acting out Ghostbusters????) so hats off to the organizers/bands/volunteers.

- kudos to Dan Mangan for playing “his hardest song” specifically for my wife. We were both happy you did that.

- Zeus. Honestly, not sure there is a better band in Canada right now. They are that good (plus they tear up that Genesis cover).

- The Got to Get Got + energy - burnt hair = a set that won over tons of people

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Sold (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Robots (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: Timber Timbre - Demon Host (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: You Say Party! We Say Die! - Lonely’s Lunch (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: You Say Party! We Say Die! - She’s Spoken For (Live @ HPX 09)

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