Monday, October 5, 2009

Old School Mondays:: R.I.P. Mr. Magic Edition

Hip hop's golden age lost another icon last week when Mr. Magic died of a heart attack. Mr. Magic was the original voice of hip hop radio - his show the Rap Attack was the first hip hop based program to air on a major commercial radio station, and you can likely trace every second NY legend back to Mr. Magic through some connection or another. Mr. Magic was joined on the Rap Attack by Marley Marl and Fly Ty, so at the very least he played a major role in birthing Cold Chillin', one of the most legendary labels (and rosters) in hip hop history.

A quick peruse of the Googles will quickly make it clear that Mr. Magic has a well-earned spot in the annals of hip hop history, but I think for many the thing that will come to mind is just how hip hop Magic was. He was brutally honest, and if he didn't like your album, he just flat out said so on the air (I think he even physically broke a Just Ice album on the air once). He essentially launched KRS's career by dissing he & Scott La Rock when they were called 12:41 and encouraging Kris to hit back at Shan with legendary songs like the Bridge Is Over. He was involved in the awesome named "Roxanne Wars" with Shante and UTFO and he also famously dissed Chuck D & PE by proclaiming "No more music by the suckers" - a line the PE would go on to sample themselves on It Takes A Nation of Millions.

As for myself, when I think of Mr. Magic, I think of Mr. Magic's Rap Attack Volume 3. I first heard it when I went to visit my cousin one summer whilst in Jr. High, and it had a random collection of pretty awesome songs I hadn't heard before. The accented awesomeness of Dana Dane and Derek B. kicked things off (I've only recently found out Dane's accent was fake, kind of memory-killer that was), and although I've posted about these two songs before, I cannot resist putting them up again. Listening to the album again, I remembered another jam I enjoyed - The Classical Two's New Generation (no idea who these dudes are), so I'm putting that up too. I'm also posting Erick & Parrish's It's My Thing, but only because the are called Epee MD in the album credits. I think at the time I was like "Is this EPMD? There can't be two groups with names that similar can there?".

We'll simply finish up with the Mr. magic 12" Magic's Message, and say R.I.P. to another icon.

MP3:: Dana Dane - Cinderfella

MP3:: Derek B - Get Down

MP3:: The Classical Two - New Generation

MP3:: Epee MD - It's My Thing

MP3:: Mr.Magic - Magic's Message

Video:: Whodini - Magic's Wand

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