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Deeper into Music:: Daniel, Fred & Julie

When it comes to super groups, for me I'm not sure there is much better out there than Daniel Romano from Attack in Black, Julie Doiron and the all-too-often overlooked insanity and awesomeness that is Fred Squire.

That being said, finding out about their amazing record built on classic on folk songs rearranged in Fred's garage was like waking up on Christmas morning and finding out that not only did Santa exist, but you were his favorite.

Knowing how much of an impact Daniel, Fred & Julie made on me, it seemed obvious we needed to tap into the cranium of the man that started the project for our own selfishness, but also for our readers. Graciously, Daniel gave us a stellar track by track breakdown of how the project came together but also includes tales of Sackville, NB, The Irving Big Stop, bunk beds, town fairs and lots more.

We will be revealing the details over the week, including an exclusive MP3 with our review on Friday, but for now just enjoy reading about how the project got started, and the birth of one of the original tracks Daniel wrote for the record.
In July, I called Fred. I said, "hey Fred I have an idea... Let's make a record. I found a bunch of songs and I wrote a couple." He was into the idea. I was away at the time. When I got back, I took a couple books and some guitars and got on the Via train from Montreal to Sackville. It was the over night train. I had a great meal. Worked on some arrangements. Slept like a baby.

I got to Sackville at around noon. I walked from the train station into town. I went to my friend Steve Lambke's house. He lived above Strutt's art gallery at the time. He wasn't there. His Girlfriend Penelope got home soon after I got there, so I hung out with her. Fred and Julie were away playing in Newfoundland. They flew in around three. Fred's Folks were in town, so they picked them up from the bus station and then came by Strutt's and picked me up. We went to the Irving Big Stop for diner. Julie had vegetables. I had a burgie. Fred had a hot turkey sandwich. We went back to Fred's house and spent some time in the garage listening to records. We shared a bunk bed in the spare room where Julie's kids stay when they are there. Fred's folks were in the master bed.

We got up early-ish. Made some coffee and had at it. We moved the quarter inch four track recorder into the garage and tried out multiple microphones. We decided to record it mono with a shitty Audio Technica microphone that, I think, comes with a set of headphones. And once we found our spots we started learning songs. Julie was with us the whole time and she asked if she could sing with us. We said yes.

The first single is Runner. I originally wrote that for City and Color to use. But I don't know if he liked it.. and I guess it doesn't really suit him. I don't know, maybe he'll use it. Probably not, though. So anyway, I decided to use it because it seemed to fit. But I didn't want to sing the lead. So I taught it to Fred. He did a great job. I love his voice. I wish my voice was as perfect as his. That was the first completely fictional song I ever wrote.

Daniel, Fred & Julie - Runner

MP3:: Daniel, Fred & Julie - Runner

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Bless you Herohill! Looking forward to hearing more stories. Big smile on this here face of mine.


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