Exclusive:: Christmas At The Oldfolks Home, Week 1

We’ve long been a fan of Ricardo of Oldfolks Home fame. We crossed paths about five times in three nights at this year’s HPX, and we championed his debut LP way back in the day. He’s a stand up guy that gets us in a good mood, so why wouldn’t we jump at the chance to debut his Christmas song project? For the next four weeks, tune into the hill to get a sneak preview of his 4 holiday treats, each with a unique story and cover art from a different Canadian artist. It’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit, so enjoy and get out the rum and eggnogs. So deck the halls, it’s Christmas time in Hollis herohill.

We Won’t Cry at Christmas Time
When I had decided to do this project, I thought that I would try to write an original Christmas song, but was stumped for ideas. Knowing I was clearly stressed about it, my lovely wife suggested (half-jokingly) that I write about how she wishes that no one else in her family would die the week of Christmas. I thought it was an amazing idea. The song itself transitioned from a classic-rock, alt-country(?) ditty (which sounded nothing like Christmas) to a smooth, electro jam, with bells, because bells totally mean Christmas. It made Kerri-Lynn cry. But in a ‘it’s-so-beautiful’ way, not a ‘fuck-you-for-soiling-my-memories’ kind of way. We hope it makes you cry (with happiness?) too. Or at least that you enjoy it.

This is part 1 of 4, “We Won’t Cry At Christmas Time” featuring art by Kerri-Lynn Reeves.

MP3:: Oldfolks Home - We Won’t Cry at Christmas Time
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Quixotience December 3rd, 2009 at 8:16 pm

This is a perfect little song. Thank you. Any chance you'll post the lyrics so I can sing along?

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