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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Oh No Forest Fires

WHAT!?! The random question machine is back? Oh yes friend, HPX is over, but the random question machine is here to stay. It`s just too fun a feature to put away, and I could say the same thing about this episode with frenetic Torontonians Oh No Forest Fires.

As you might be aware, we did an assload of these 5FS posts in an attempt to preview as many of the bands & shows for last month's HPX, but unfortunately we got this one from ONFF just a little too late, and so we couldn't get it posted in time. But after meeting super-nice Rajiv during the festival, and reading the care and enthusiasm he put into his answers (I'm fairly certain he wrote more than any of the previous 5FS participants), there was no chance I wasn't going to post this. Plus, in preping this post, I found out that ONFF have their acoustic TARA session available for d\l on their myspace (here, specifically), so that's a bonus.

Oh, and ONFF are also pretty great. I can't think of a more exuberant band that I've seen recently, even their acoustic set feels incredibly high-energy. So check out a the Q&A;, and then go listen to some Oh No Forest Fires.

Name: Rajiv Thavanathan
Band: Oh No Forest Fires
Web: www.myspace.com/ohnoforestfires

1. If we commissioned you to write a song about herohill, what would the title be?

Our Herohill tribute song would be called "How the Fine Arts of Procrastination and Bafflegab Hobble the People Who Will be Trying to Save You When Things Get Really Bad"

2. What is your favorite venue to play (excluding those in your city of residence)

Hmmm, we have had some great out-of-town experiences. I'd say probably Oscar's in Barrie, ON. One time we were in Sudbury and we got locked in in the parking lot after an all-ages show at the Adanac Ski Hill. That was pretty hilarious. Oh, wait you said "favourite". Hmm, maybe Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa? Our good friend Matt from iheartmusic has had us up there a bunch of times, and those shows are always super fun!

3. What's your favorite thing to do to pass time on the road?

We have a few.

a) "The Movie Game" - the way we play it, you name an actor, then one by one everyone names a movie that he/she has been in. Some particularly awesome actors to use are Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise. Longer careers = awesome. Brock is probably the best at this game, but Matt's can give him a really good run for his money. I am terrible at it.

b) "Sweatbox" - This is only really fun to play in the summer. You roll up all the windows, and turn the heat on bust. It gets REALLY hot, in fact once we actually kind of broke the heater in my car. Anyways. First person to roll down the window or take off a piece of clothing loses. The best part is, we're all so stubborn that people will try to rig up fancy loopholes instead of just losing- for example, last time Brock rigged up his hoodie so the arms hung down to the floor and he was breathing through that so he could get some "cool air". Pretty awesome.

c) "Hey Brock, would you ever..." - Pretty self-explanatory. Where the ellipsis is, you insert a really really lewd thing. Actually, sometimes it's not even that lewd, it's more about just seeing his reaction to it.

d) "Cartoon TV Theme Songs" - Matt has a folder in his ipod of just cartoon theme songs (sometimes we just do TV theme songs altogether, but the cartoon ones are the BEST) and he'll randomly put them on and whoever guesses the song first wins. This is an awesome game. I particularly love the string intro to Pinky and the Brain, and the bass octaves at the start of Ducktales.

4. Your preferred Neil: Diamond or Young?

Neil Young. Like, hands down. I do love Neil Diamond though. BUT IT'S NEIL YOUNG. I've waited for youuuu winterlong, you seem to be where I belooong, it's all illuuusion anywayyyy. <- That's my favourite Neil Young song.

5. You can ask any musician dead or alive one question, who do you ask?

Hmmmm there's a bunch of musicians that I always wished I could hang out with for a day because they seem so cool/crazy. Among them are Dave Grohl, Chad Van Gaalen, and Paul Westerberg. I think I would just like to meet John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats... I would walk up to him, stammer for a bit, then hug him warmly, hold him tight and ask "are you doing okay?". That's what I would ask.

MP3:: Oh No Forest Fires - It's Not Fun And Games Unless Someone Loses An Eye

MP3:: Oh No Forest Fires - 01 - Who Will Cut Our Hair When Our Hairdresser Is Gone (acoustic)

MP3:: Oh No Forest Fires - New Cove Road Back Home (acoustic)
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/ohnoforestfires

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